Sunday, February 16, 2014

Luck of the Irish

With Valentine's Day behind us, I was itching to get something fun for St Patrick's Day on our front door. 

If I'm being honest, I really wanted a boxwood wreath. Have you seen those? ***swoon*** But they are too pricey for my frugal self, so to JoAnn's I go with my coupons. 

I didn't want a traditional wreath. So I wandered the asles looking for inspiration. When I found this tin holder with three milk bottles on it, I was sold! A couple flowers later, I was heading home to create! 

I started but cutting the flowers to a shorter height. Placed a few silver pebbles I had laying around into the jars and arranged the flowers until I was happy. 

Then I began working on a little luck!

I'm obsessed with banners right now. Burlap, chevron, chalkboard, with words, without... Any banner really. So I grabbed my stencils and a green marker and wrote out LUCK on tiny pre-cut pendants from Martha Stewart crafts. 

This only took a couple minutes and I strung it on some gray & white bakers twine and tied it to the jars. Done! 

The whole project took less than 10 minutes and instantly I feel more festive. I can't wait to think about the other ways I can use this jar base for upcoming holidays. More to come!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day

In honor of the upcoming holiday of love, I thought I'd make my first real post about Valentines Day.

Mr. J and I have not really ever done much to celebrate V-day. Our anniversary is at the beginning of March and that seems like a better time in our schedules to go " all out". 

So I usually just do something small (read corney) to tell him I love him. 

Last year, he woke up to find this in the kitchen:

An individual portion of donuts holes and chocolate milk (some of his favs). The sign read, " Donut you know I love you a hole bunch!"

It was a big hit and took no time at all!

This year I found this idea on Pinterest from The Dating Divas. I'm thinking it is a winner. Stay tuned for my version soon. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

A creative outlet

Today my napkins hit 100 re-pins on Pinterest.


And I'm not gonna lie, it's been fun to get the notices for said napkins, and other projects I've done. But something else happened today. A stranger asked me a question on a project I'd done. It never dawned on me that people might actually find me PINteresting. 

I have a degree in Finance & a desk job that helps pay the bills. But I've always had a creative side that  I humor whenever I get a chance. Mr J, my husband, would probably tell you I need to silence her a bit more. But I love letting the right side of my brain run wild. 

So, just like I trust my gut when I have an itch to repaint the artwork on the wall, I'm gonna give this whole blogging thing a go. From napkins to decor, parties to furniture... You better watch out baby cause I'm gonna need more glue! 

The PINteresting napkins.